What will my personal injury settlement be? This is certainly among the several common queries we often face in our office. The ideal way to respond is breaking apart the claims into specific divisions so that equal attention can be offered to each. Keep in mind while reading through this article that you are both a customer and a seller. For an insurance firm, your injury compensation claim is just another commodity and nothing much. It has its values in specialized markets. Don’t expect the insurance company to empathize with you.

Contact the Young Law Firm, to schedule a personal injury attorney consultation. And if you ask us, you must not let go but capitalize on this “free appraisal” option. However, beware of crummy attorneys who would claim to fetch accident victims the impossible. Make sure you go through the past case handling records of every prospective lawyer you interact with, which includes the judges, and thoroughly verify the information before making a call. Unfortunately, honest lawyers are sporadically placed. Therefore, if you make obvious your intent to cross-check things, you’re likely to be safeguarded from the wrongdoings and unnecessary liability.

A few of the major misconceptions people have about case value are:

  • People believe insurance firms would remit them a decent sum for a small injury just to steer clear of the litigation expenses.
  • People think their case’s value is mathematically ascertained so that it is twice or thrice their medical expenses.
  • People think all the annoyance and hassle will be compensated for.

Now that you’ve realized what doesn’t control value, let us consider the factors that count.

1. The Injury’s Seriousness

Of all the factors, this is the most important. The more complicated the injury, the higher the care from the jury, and the more damages awarded. The offer of the insurer is invariably based on a jury’s ultimate actions. The company spends loads of money to track jury verdicts and tweak their computer-based assessments to ensure the cases are priced in a manner that leads to a reduction in risk and cost. If a jury cares about the accident damage, more money will be offered by the insurer.

Soft tissue scenarios are the extremely common case types witnessed in Georgia courts. If the client exhibits good recovery post therapy and treatment, the jury would then certainly care, but a large sum of money is extremely unlikely to be awarded. On the contrary, some individuals with soft tissue problems recover slowly and endure years of struggle and pain. The jury would make a sizable verdict if there’s some credibility to the medical testimony.

2. The Crash’s Severity

This particular factor is quite obvious. The bigger the car damage, especially from something a motorcycle accident, the easier it would be for the jury to determine the cause of damage. Even with huge medical expenses, a few carriers won’t agree to pay if the damage to the property isn’t substantial enough because the jury is inclined to believe such injuries are unlikely to happen in low-speed collisions.

3. The Client’s Personality

It may seem obvious, but several clients find it amusing when they learn that the case’s value is drastically affected by their personality. The case’s true value is determined by 12 jurors seated in the judgment of facts, and if they find you affable, then more money will be awarded. Needless to say, it’s the other way around if they don’t like you much. What I like telling my clients that jury members prefer responsible citizens and not whiners. The way you handle adversity speaks a lot about your character and personality. Jurors will likely look after your needs if you behave responsibly.

4. Venue

The location for Georgia State and Magistrate and Superior Court cases would be the county where the case would come to trial. All Georgia residents, individuals or corporations, shouldn’t be sued elsewhere but their home county. Generally, this is how things work. But there are exceptions of course – for instance when there are tractor-trailer collisions, or cases involving multiple defendants.

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