Common Myths About Auto Insurance

Looking for the best auto insurance can be a challenge. Don’t wait until you’ve suffered a car accident injury to find the perfect plan for you and your family. There are so many companies competing against each other, but their insurance quotes tend to differ from brand to brand. Although you can get the same amount of coverage from different places, the policy quotes may vary from low to high.

One cause of this issue is the lack of explanation that is given for the information you provide. This mistake perpetuates myths about the requirements. However, auto insurance policies are not as difficult to figure out as you might believe. Let’s expose some myths.

Common Myths

  • One common myth is that policy rates are higher for a car that is red in color. Insurance companies do not consider the color of your car in their criteria. Companies want to know what year your car is, the make, the model, and the body type. The size of the engine will be considered as well. They will also want to know who will be driving your vehicle.
  • Another myth is that when another driver is at fault for a collision that damages your car, their own policy will take care of all the damages.

The law that says the other driver’s insurance must cover all damages to your car is enforced in most of the states. One popular auto insurance company, Geico, reveals that fact. Always know the laws in the state in which you live and do not blindly accept responsibility for a collision for which you are not responsible.

Progressive Insurance says the idea that only the person who caused the accident will see higher rates on their policies. Some companies still charge more due to accidents that are not your fault. This is even more true for those who are at fault.

The Insurance Information Institute insists that you should not believe the myth that claims your personal policy can be applied to the use of your car for conducting business. If you own your own business and use your vehicle for professional reasons, your policy may not be usable.

  • One of the most common myths is that auto thieves are more likely to steal a new car as opposed to one that is older. The truth is that older cars are preferred.’s website says the older models are easier to break into, run off with, and use for the auto parts. Auto parts bring in a good amount of money.
  • If you think your credit scores will not impact the cost of your policy, you should think again. Geico claims that your past and present handling of money matters greatly when it comes to insurance. The lower your score, the higher your premiums will be. It is a good idea to pay past bills and stay up to date on current bills.
  • Still, yet another of the myths is that insurance policies always cover the theft of your vehicle. If you find yourself in a damaging hail storm or are affected by a fire, you will have to have the comprehensive type of policy. reveals this to confused drivers. The requirement for most of the United States is that policyholders must carry liability insurance at the minimum.

The idea that your age will always determine the cost of your auto coverage is also a myth. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the rates often get lowered for those who are 55 years old or older. All who are 55+ can take a course in accident prevention and reduce their insurance rate by up to 10 percent of the original cost.

Finally, do not believe that those who smoke will have more costly premiums than non-smokers. Progressive Insurance informs us that smoking habits are not factored into the cost of auto insurance policies.

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