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Monthly Archives: January 2018


Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?


Just Why Should You Engage The Services Of A Lawyer? There is no question that one may file by themselves a personal injury claim against an insurance company. And there are those people that may have sufficient time available to do the work needed to get this done and perhaps have only suffered relatively minor injuries and are feeling no pressure. Of course, many of these folks are also motivated by the money they believe they will be saving by getting the job done themselves. The fact of the matter is however that when one is going up against any sort [...]

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?2018-02-07T18:41:03-04:00

How is Fault Determined?


HOW TO DETERMINE WHO IS AT FAULT IN A CAR ACCIDENT The level of financial compensation received after an auto accident much depends on who was at fault. The presiding judge in an Atlanta Georgia will use the comparative fault law to apportion damages received as a result of a car crash. Learn how to establish who is at fault in an auto collision and discover how this can impact on a car injury claim. How to Determine Fault in a Car Accident A judge who has clear-cut evidence will be able to decide how and why the auto accident happened. [...]

How is Fault Determined?2018-02-07T18:45:30-04:00

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