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​Can social media affect my divorce?


In today's world, people love to share everything on social media. At our family law firm in Marietta GA, we often see how what a spouse or witness has posted on a social media site may affect the outcome of a family law case. So everyone should be extremely careful of posting anything on a social media site, particularly if one is going through a divorce, child custody battle, modification or other family law case. Social Media And Privacy Even though social media usage has grown tremendously over the years since its inception, many people believe incorrectly that the information [...]

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Auto Injury Insurance Case Value Misconceptions


PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT MISCONCEPTIONS What will my personal injury settlement be? This is certainly among the several common queries we often face in our office. The ideal way to respond is breaking apart the claims into specific divisions so that equal attention can be offered to each. Keep in mind while reading through this article that you are both a customer and a seller. For an insurance firm, your injury compensation claim is just another commodity and nothing much. It has its values in specialized markets. Don't expect the insurance company to empathize with you. Contact the Young Law Firm, [...]

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Common Myths About Auto Insurance


Common Myths About Auto Insurance Looking for the best auto insurance can be a challenge. Don't wait until you've suffered a car accident injury to find the perfect plan for you and your family. There are so many companies competing against each other, but their insurance quotes tend to differ from brand to brand. Although you can get the same amount of coverage from different places, the policy quotes may vary from low to high. One cause of this issue is the lack of explanation that is given for the information you provide. This mistake perpetuates myths about the requirements. [...]

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