Maintaining your relationship with your children after the end of your marriage is a critical issue for any parent. The successful negotiation of custody and visitation agreements that fully recognize your goals for this new phase of your family’s life and integrates them with the goals of your ex-spouse can be a difficult feat in some situations.

The Young Law Firm in Marietta, Georgia, offers skilled legal representation to help you secure your rights as a parent. Our Marietta child custody attorney Diana Whipkey Young has decades of experience helping families preserve the parent-child bond after divorce.

Legal and Physical: Two Types of Custody

Child custody has two components that need to be determined:

  • Legal Custody: The right to make decisions regarding religion, education, and healthcare among other topics regarding the raising of your children.
  • Physical custody: Establishing where the child calls home.

Both types of custody can be divided in a number of ways. Parents may be granted joint, sole or shared custody in either category.

In the Parenting Plan, when a minor child’s parents divorce, or if not married to each other end a relationship, there are two types of custody which must be addressed: physical custody and legal custody.

The court may order many different variations of custody, or on their own, the parties involved may agree on one. Evenly split legal custody(50/50), but not equal physical custody, is common for the court to order. Depending on the case’s unique facts, however, the court may decide that equal time with both parents is what is best in the interest of the child, or children. In addition, the amount of child support which is exchanged will also be affected by the physical custody arrangement that is decided upon.

A Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan can be prepared for the court by both parents working together, or by each parent drafting their own, and letting the court reach a decision on the custody arrangements. Should both parents be aware what sort of legal and physical arrangements they would like, and simply need some assistance working out the details of the arrangement, the very best option could be working together with attorneys to get the job done. This will typically allow the parents to forge an arrangement acceptable to the court. Courts typically respect the agreement arrived upon by parents working together in the interest of the children.

How Relocation Effects Child Custody and Visitation

If a parent is considering moving far enough away that the move will have an impact on the current custody and visitation arrangement, the other parent can object to the move in court and ask that custody be changed. If the other parent is not in favor of the move, a hearing can be scheduled before the court to secure a ruling and amend the custody and visitation agreement.

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