Help for those accused of computer crimes

Computer crimes such as hacking have become far more common as the world has become increasingly digitized an electronic. Those people accused of computer crimes are dealt with more severely, as governments treat the problem more aggressively.

Having the Young law firm on your side is highly recommended if you have been accused of a computer crime, as you could potentially be looking at a large fine and even jail time.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young and her team are able to offer you the best possible defense, relying on their years of experience and their understanding of the often complex legal issues affecting computer crimes.

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Types of Computer Crimes

Prosecutors take these white collar crimes extremely seriously, and the potential for serious damage is very high. A smartphone or computer can be used for nefarious purposes in the hands of a skilled hacker or computer wizard.

We can help to defend you if you have been accused of one of the many computer crimes that are in existence, including:

  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Hacking of computers and websites
  • Stealing private and personal information
  • Violating pornography laws
  • Denial of service attacks

You can potentially face a long jail sentence and a high fine for these serious crimes and Attorney Diana Whipkey Young will fight for your best interests, including negotiating a plea and fighting to have you acquitted.

Penalties for those accused of computer crimes can include restricted computer usage as well as jail time and fines. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young has a proven track record of helping those accused of such crimes and will fight tirelessly to help you.

Contact the Young law firm as soon as possible to schedule a consultation if you have been accused of a computer crime.