Driving Is a Privilege

In addition to the penalties you face if arrested for DUI in Marietta GA, you could face the suspension of your driver’s license before trial even begins. That is why you need a lawyer to pay attention to both processes: the criminal DUI trial and the administrative hearing on your driving privileges. Losing your driver’s license could have a devastating impact on your life, specifically your ability to maintain employment.

The Administrative License Suspension Process

After your DUI arrest, the police officer will provide a copy of the Department of Driver Services (DDS) form 1205 to you and will file a copy with the DDS. That document provides information on your blood alcohol content (BAC) results of .08 or higher or your refusal to submit to the tests. You only have 10 business days after the form is filed, to request a hearing. This is an administrative process, so your driving privileges can be taken away even if you are not convicted of DUI. It is important to know that DDS can suspend your license regardless of whether you took a breathalyzer test. The Young Law Firm can help you protect you and your driving privileges.

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Act Quickly to Protect Your License

Your lawyer has 10 days from the date the officer files the form 1205 with DDS to request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing. Time is truly of the essence in preventing driver’s license suspension. At The Young Law Firm, we move quickly to file the paperwork necessary to request the hearing and fight for your ability to drive legally.

Criminal defense lawyer and former Cobb County prosecutor Diana Whipkey Young provides an equal amount of aggressive representation at the license suspension hearing as she does in a trial. Her initial goal is to prevent the loss of your license. From there, the ALS proceedings provide her the opportunity for discovery and cross-examination of the arresting officer, supplying evidence that helps her build a strong and aggressive DUI defense on your behalf.

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