Minors often engage in risky behavior. This behavior can lead to criminal charges for even the simplest of mistakes. No matter the reason, it is the job of the adults in their lives to help educate and protect them when they make mistakes that may have consequences they couldn’t foresee, such as:

  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Investigations into home life
  • Community service
  • Negative impacts on college applications
  • Ricks to financial aid
  • Possibility of having a criminal record visible to potential employers
  • Possibility of being removed to adult court

At The Young Law Firm in Marietta, Georgia, we understand what your child is up against. Our Marietta juvenile defense lawyer, Diana Whipkey Young, was a prosecutor for Cobb County before she began a career in criminal defense. She has more than 30 years of experience and is highly aware of the best steps to take in preserving your loved one’s best interests. Contact our defense lawyer today for the representation your child deserves.

Minors Deserve Experienced Defense

There are a few key differences when facing juvenile criminal charges. First, the case takes place in juvenile court. Second, the juvenile court often has a different end goal when dealing with children. The ideal outcome is usually to prevent the juvenile from returning to the judicial system as an adult.

To achieve this, the court offers many alternatives to detention, including writing essays or performing community service. A proactive and knowledgeable defense attorney is key to orchestrating these alternative outcomes. As a minor or a parent, do not attempt to negotiate on your child’s behalf with the prosecution. Let our juvenile defense lawyer help preserve your child’s future.

At The Young Firm, we have decades of experience defending minors facing serious charges, such as:

We know what you child is up against and will take every measure possible to protect his or her rights. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young understands the emotional toll criminal charges can have on an entire family. She will answer your questions and keep you fully informed, so you know what is going on with the case, what to expect, and what actions you can take to help your case.

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