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If you have been convicted of an alcohol offense, a drug offense or DUI (Driving under the Influence) you may have received twelve month’s probation. Under certain circumstances, even those with just one DUI conviction could be forced to comply with a probation order for several years. However, are you aware of the true cost of probation?

For example, you will incur monthly supervision fees. You will also be expected to attend random alcohol and drug screening. Yet probation violation is on the increase, as many continue to make mistakes. Common examples of violation of probation include:

  • Failing to attend community service
  • Skipping alcohol or drug treatment courses
  • Non-payment of probation fees

All three actions above are considered probation violations. Technically, a probation violation means you have failed to comply with the terms of your probation order, as laid down by the Georgia Courts. You have not committed a further crime, but you have failed to satisfy your probation officer.

The probation officer is entitled to swear out a warrant for your arrest if you fail to comply with the conditions of your probation. If this is the case, you could be held in a Georgia jail until a probation revocation hearing is scheduled. Some who fail to comply with the order spend weeks in prison.

The presiding judge could revoke a percentage or all of the remainder of the probationary period or reinstate the probationary sentence. Depending on the charges and type of conviction, you may lose your “first-time offender” status.

Even a minor incident, such as a speeding fine, could be deemed as a probation violation. In effect, you have committed another offense whilst on probation. In this case, you could be arrested. Individuals who commit a second offense whilst on probation are dealt with harshly. However, residents of Georgia should understand legal help is at hand.

Contact a Probation Attorney in Georgia if you have failed to comply with probation terms.

Diana Whipkey Young – Georgia’s expert Probation Violation Lawyer

Dealing with potential violations of probation can be demanding, but attorney Diana Whipkey Young, an accomplished probation attorney operating in Georgia, is a specialist probation lawyer. Attorney Young will negotiate with the judges and Georgia POs to program a walk-in court appearance. As a well-established lawyer Diana understands time is of the essence when dealing with probationary matters. Therefore, the astute attorney will save time by visiting the client in jail. Anyone arrested on a probation violation needs immediate legal representation.

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