Hearing approaching sirens, paired with the sight of a police vehicle with lights flashing in your rearview mirror, immediately ignites a sense of panic in any driver. Even individuals with impeccable driving records can inadvertently disobey traffic laws. Perhaps you’ve misjudged the duration of a yellow light, unknowingly driven over the speed limit, or made a prohibited right turn on red. Chances are that everyone will be pulled over by law enforcement at least once over the course of a lifetime. Such an incident may or may not result in a ticket or summons. For those that do, legal representation is oftentimes recommended and necessary. We have helped many people handle their traffic tickets with a positive outcome in cases such as:

Not All Traffic Tickets Are Justifiable

Unfortunately, there are occasions in which we are unfairly and undeservedly the recipient of a traffic ticket. Without the guidance of a skilled Marietta traffic attorney, a violation can carry harsh penalties. Our experienced criminal defense team at The Young Law Firm will aggressively dispute invalid charges, preventing excessive points on your driving record, substantial fines, and court-mandated driver education courses.

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Diana Whipkey Young, founding attorney of The Young Law Firm in Marietta, has been successfully practicing criminal law for over three decades. Attorney Young can provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need when facing a potentially consequential traffic violation charge. From speeding tickets to aggressive driving citations, The Young Law Firm has the knowledge, experience, and strategic skills to protect your record and right to operate your vehicle. Call us today at (770) 795-9596 to schedule an initial consultation.

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