Many different circumstances can make a marriage rocky and difficult to hold together. Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol cannot only be a factor in terminating a marriage but can also be a challenging and destructive behavior, especially when it comes to child custody or visitation orders.

With more than 30 years of experience in divorce and family law issues, Diana Whipkey Young has insight, skill and compassion that helps her to understand clients who have endured the actions of an alcoholic or drug-addicted spouse. As a noted Marietta family lawyer, she also has the legal skills necessary to help you in court and put your life back together. Not only does Ms. Young understand alcohol and drug addictions, she also maintains a broad perspective on more difficult to establish addictions such as sex and porn or gambling.

Not all suspected or alleged addictions bear out as real, meaning that not all questionable behavior should impact divorce proceedings or custody disputes. Clients can trust The Young Law Firm of Marietta, GA, to provide caring and balanced personal attention that focuses on protecting your children, your rights and your future.

In many instances, a spouse spends many years suffering through a husband’s or wife’s addition, often attempting to persuade him or her to get counseling or treatment. When seeking legal counsel for divorces, clients should be aware that habitual intoxication and drug addiction are specific grounds for divorce in Georgia. An attorney with experience handling such cases can help assemble evidence of addiction and help gain admission of evidence of a spouse during court proceedings.


The Young Law Firm has gained a reputation of being an experienced and competent Marietta family lawyer that can help individuals get out of emotionally destructive and damaging marriage. On the other hand, The Young Law Firm can also work as aggressive advocates for clients who are being unfairly accused by spouses of having a drug, alcohol, pornography or other types of addiction in order to gain leverage in legal proceedings. The Young Law Firm is also helping men and women obtain post-divorce modifications.

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