Marietta Attorney For Brain & Spinal Injuries

For Your Rights, Let The Young Law Firm Advocate

If you are in Cobb County, and have suffered a spinal cord or brain injury, you simply have to have an experienced and highly skilled spinal cord or brain injury lawyer to help you to recover the maximum possible amount. And there are numerous good reasons to make this happen.

They include:

  • Loss of income
  • Mounting medical bills
  • and all sorts of stressful matters for you and for your family.

And when someone else has been the cause of these catastrophic injuries, you and your loved ones should not be forced to suffer even more.

The Young Law Firm’s Attorney, Diana Whipkey Young, does not want you to have to settle for less money than you deserve, and does not want you to suffer in silence. Let her uphold your rights, and protect all your interests. She and her associates truly have a deep understanding of all Georgia injury laws, along with the very best experience in litigation that you will require in order to get the very best results-driven claim for your spinal or brain injury. For the help and guidance that you need, call us immediately.

Contact our firm to schedule your case consultation, and discover the value of your claim.

Compensation And What It Typically Will Cover

If a traumatic brain injury, or a spinal cord injury is suffered by either someone you love, or by yourself, you possibly have grounds to file a personal injury claim. Our Marietta injury lawyer can and will work ceaselessly so that you will receive all compensation that you deserve. The truth of the matter is that it can truly be devastating, when someone is diagnosed with an injury that is very serious. Very often patients are going to require a lifetime of medical care and attention.

Other expenses compensation may cover include:

  • Travel for medical care
  • Medical expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Home caregivers
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric care
  • Funeral expenses

Traumatic Brain Injury Consequences

One of an accident’s most serious injuries which may occur is damage to the brain. Not uncommon are long-term mental and physical disabilities, and the quality of life of a victim can often be affected to the point that they cannot function, work, or live normally.

Traumatic brain injury consequences might include:

  • Cognitive – Memory loss both long term and short term, difficulties planning, spatial disorientation, lack of concentration, and trouble communicating.
  • Physical – Sensory impairment, complete or partial paralysis, seizures.
  • Behavioral/Psychological – Depression, anxiety, agitation, mood swings.
  • It is not just the ability to live a normal life day-to-day that traumatic brain injuries damage. The fact of the matter is that a TBI victim’s medical expenses can be just so expensive, and will drain a family that is already suffering so much of their finances.

Catching TBI (traumatic brain injuries) signs is so critical, as all these factors show. The faster they are discovered, the faster your traumatic brain injury lawyer, and your physician can begin to get you the proper medical attention and compensation that you require. Contact us today to speak with a top Cobb County personal injury lawyer.