Personal injury claims focus on holding negligent parties accountable for the injuries and death they cause. However, accidents can occur with the party leaving the scene of an accident. While challenges exist in complex hit-and-run cases, Diana Whipkey Young and the staff of the Young Law Firm are dedicated to helping injured victims and grieving family members overcome the obstacles and secure justice on their behalf.

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Whether the responsible party is found or not, sources of compensation still exist. It is possible to secure damages that reflect the injuries suffered by a victim or the grief a family is experiencing following a wrongful death. Going after the responsible driver’s insurance company may not be possible. However, justice can still be served by pursuing compensation from the accident victim’s insurance policy.

At The Young Law Firm, we understand that hit-and-run accidents combine emotionally charged issues with legal complexities. Hit-and-run car accident attorney Diana Whipkey Young dedicates her resources and employs her skills — including those developed at trial — to pursuing the best outcome on behalf of her clients. From securing witness statements to reviewing medical records with the help of experts, she gets to the facts and fights to protect rights and maximize compensation.

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