Operating an 18-wheel semi requires in-depth training and skills. It also places responsibility on operators to adhere to not only rules of the road, but also strict federal regulations that govern their chosen industry. Trucking companies must also abide by set mandates to ensure safety for everyone, particularly those drivers sharing the road with the truck. When one of these drivers fails to drive responsibly, devastating accidents can result and the victims often need the help of an experienced Marietta truck accident lawyer.

Since 1996, Marietta personal injury attorney Diana Whipkey Young of The Young Law Firm has provided dedicated and aggressive representation. She is an experienced attorney skilled in courtroom litigation, which is important in cases involving serious injury and death due to the negligence of a truck driver.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Fighting to Maximize Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

Federal regulations require truck drivers to take regular breaks and limit their time on the road to ensure they get the rest they need. Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Loads carried must be within strict requirements. Trucking companies must provide ongoing maintenance and necessary repairs.

When truckers and their employers fall short of any regulation, accidents can occur, leading to life-changing injuries and the tragic loss of a loved one.

While a thorough investigation of the semi truck wreck scene and black box data is important, trial experience is vital in trucking accident claims. Trucking companies possess aggressive legal counsel and significant insurance policies. Possessing a reputation for litigating personal injury claims often facilities the process of settlement that maximizes compensation.

If a truck accident has caused injuries to you or a loved one, you want to make certain the attorney you choose to represent you is well-versed in handling these particular types of motor vehicle accident claims which are different say then a motorcycle accident or car accident. Tractor trailer and truck accidents in the state of Georgia can and often do get quite complicated primarily due to intertwining of federal and state laws. Another issue involves the number of parties who might and can be held liable for the accident involved. Car and truck accident attorney Diana Whipkey Young of the Young Law Firm is completely versed in all these laws and how and when they overlap. He is also completely skilled in handling ongoing negotiations simultaneously involving multiple parties. Diana has built a very successful track record in his dealings with these cases that are so often quite complex, collecting damages needed by our clients in their recovery efforts from personal injury involved with the crash involving the tractor-trailer or truck.

You may have your claim reviewed today and find out just how attorney Diana Whipkey Young can be of help to you by completing our case review form. You may discover that you do have legal recourse to recover for your losses any compensation that might be due.

Georgia Truck Accident Lawsuit Process

Very quickly after the accident happens, analysts for the insurance company get to the place of occurrence so they might gather all the information they possibly can in their attempt to limit the potential liability for their client. This is why it is vitally important that you get in touch with the attorney that will represent you so that they might also quickly conduct an investigation of their own as well.

One must always keep in mind that insurance companies are in business to make money, therefore they are going to look to get you to agree to a settlement quickly that will be a low-ball one. It is important you keep in mind both at the scene and in the course of the insurance company’s investigation that you do not discuss your injuries or anything about the accident except with your attorney and your physician. The insurance company is always going to be seeking to get anything they can that they can work against you. Let your attorney take care of all discussions with all parties involved as they will be working on your behalf.

  • Claim Creation: The attorney representing you will create your claim based on the information they have gathered during the investigation they instituted on your behalf. That claim is going to describe the injuries you sustained, seek compensation for the losses you have incurred, and show just how the opposing party was careless and negligent and fully responsible for those injuries that were incurred. That claim they establish will be the foundation of your Georgia truck accident lawsuit, and this suit may then be resolved by arbitration, settlement negotiations or litigation.
  • Negotiations: It is quite likely the insurer and your attorney will attempt to negotiate an equitable settlement financially without having to go to court. If they don’t reach an agreement, after your lawsuit has been filed with the state, they will undergo another round of negotiations to try and settle matters. The case will then proceed to court if they are not able to come to an agreement.
  • Litigation: Both parties involved will present their case to a judge and/or jury. They will then consider the matter and rend a verdict. That verdict will stress who was at fault in the matter, and what compensation you are entitled to receive.

Marietta 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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