Sadly, the Young Law Firm realizes that drowning accidents are not all that uncommon in Marietta Ga. We understand that many families spend their summer leisure time in hot tubs and swimming pools, rivers, and lakes. However, drowning accidents can change a family’s life forever. Contact a drowning accident attorney.

Statistics shows that drowning is the second highest leading cause of death in young children, particularly those that are aged one to fourteen years old.

Any swimming area can be a dangerous place. In fact, thousands of youngsters are brain damaged due to defective pool gates, defective pool drains, negligent life-guarding, defective swimming pool fencing, inadequate supervision or defective pool pumps. It is worth noting that a non-fatal hot-tub or swimming pool accident can also be life-changing. The person may be paralyzed or suffer spinal cord injury.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young is experienced at representing victims of swimming pool accidents.

What Type of Lawyer Deals with Drowning Accidents or Swimming Pool Accident Cases?

In general, a personal injury attorney will deal with someone who has had an accident in a swimming pool. The same kind of attorney will deal with drowning accidents. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young is on hand to help any family who has lost a loved one through such an accident. A family that has lost a loved one in a drowning accident needs understanding, legal advice and above all support. Our law firm has represented many who have been involved in swimming pool and hot tub accidents.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young has represented clients with complex cases. She has successfully gained compensation from motels, hotels, municipal swimming pools, pump manufacturers, swimming pool drain manufacturers, homeowners and athletics clubs. Our personal injury lawyers have handled numerous claims arising from unacceptable safety standards. Many drowning accidents are a result of:

  • Discolored or murky water
  • Lack of depth indicators
  • Improper or defective safety equipment, such as Sheppard’s Hooks or throwing ropes
  • Broken swimming pool drains
  • Faulty pool pumps
  • Inadequate safety fencing
  • Improper child supervision
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Failure to cover hot tub or swimming pool drains
  • Unsafe or defective swimming pool equipment, such as gates, ladders, fences, pool drains, diving boards
  • Overcrowded pools
  • Broken or weak pool ladders
  • Pool drain entrapment
  • Non-working pool lights
  • Improperly trained or negligent lifeguards
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