Representing Victims and Families of Traumatic Burn Injuries

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young takes a special interest in cases of burn injuries. She has witnessed the quality of life from that of a traumatic burn victim suffer greatly. She also knows that burn injuries can lead to physical and psychological trauma, increased expenditure and lower standards of living. This suffering should not be overlooked if it wasn’t the victim’s fault or if the accident happened in the workplace. Unfortunately, some victims of burn injuries do not get their full compensation because the insurance company for the workplace tries to minimize expenses. This is why it is important to have an attorney who is an expert in these types of injuries such as burn injury attorney Diana Whipkey Young.

Do You Know Someone Who Has Been a Victim of a Burn Injury?

If your answer is yes, you are hereby encouraged to call The Young Law Firm for directions on how to proceed if this happens to you, or someone you love. Contact our office to schedule consultations and you should understand that time is of the essence.

Workplace Burn Injuries

The first thing to do as a victim of burn injury at your place of work is to apply for a compensation. Insurance companies have a provision for the workers of the company they insure so that cases like this can be resolved amicably and to everyone’s interest. No employer has the right to compromise the health of his/her workers so when things like this happen, it is either the employer gives the directive for a compensation or the worker meets an attorney for help if the compensation isn’t forthcoming.

The workers’ compensation benefits, which is the right of every employed staff in a company, is aimed at alleviating the pains that may be caused by another person. It is not a means of accusing an employer of unjust reasons such as lack of enjoyment. A worker who is due for such benefits must apply through the right channels and to the appropriate office. It is always good to seek help when you are confused in things like this and that is why Attorney Young will not hesitate to help you to derive your full compensation as long as you are eligible for it. She is versatile in handling third-party claims of various types such as chemical exposure, refinery fire, and construction site accidents.

It is easier to deal with first degree burns than the second, third and fourth-degree types. If there is someone dear to you with a burn injury, The Young Law Firm will fight on your behalf, as we recognize the trauma you have most likely already suffered. Call us today and speak with Personal Injury Attorney Diana Whipkey Young, one of the best Cobb County personal injury lawyers, to receive maximum compassion and justice for your injuries.