Medical malpractice claims are complex and require the help of experts in the field. Physicians and other medical practitioners have their own insurance companies who try to mitigate the claims brought by the plaintiff to court. Before a medical malpractice lawsuit in Georgia, can be accepted, another physician has to attest to the negligence of his fellow practitioner.

This must be done in writing and attached to the complaint. Since it is almost impossible for a physician to witness against his colleague in the same city, it is imperative that for such cases to progress, an intensive search for a personal injury attorney who is experienced on the job must be done.

It is important to report any malpractice as soon as it happens because prolonging the matter makes it more complex and difficult to win. There are lots of procedures and paperwork to be done. The attorney will demand medical records and bills and look for an expert in the same field who must attest to the negligent act. The expert’s sworn statement is filed along with the plaintiff’s claims and taken to court.

These steps can take several weeks so the earlier you report your case, the higher your chances of succeeding. However, submitting your query early isn’t all you need to win the case. You must have a vibrant lawyer who is well experienced. The qualified attorney must be a person who has won similar cases.

At The Young Law Firm, we gladly face the challenges on behalf of our clients victimized by a negligent medical professional. Placing your trust in a physician should not be rewarded with serious injuries from surgical or hospital errors or an uncertain future after a misdiagnosis of a deadly disease.

A Marietta Medical Negligence Attorney Pursuing Justice on Your Behalf

Diana Whipkey Young established The Young Law Firm in 1996 to even the odds malpractice victims face when medical professionals fall below the standard of care expected of them. They misread an X-ray or failed to order necessary testing. Ms. Young combines her extensive experience and track record of success in trial with the expertise of a network of professionals.

The Medical Malpractice Process

Before a claim is filed, an affidavit from a medical expert must be filed. That vital document states that standards were not followed, leading to actual damages. Once that important step is taken, Ms. Young and her legal team build a strong, fact-based claim on behalf of our clients.

As a dedicated lawyer, Diana Whipkey Young navigates her clients through a complicated process. From the first meeting to the final resolution of your claim, she is dedicated to securing both justice and compensation. While many medical malpractice claims settle, she does not hesitate to take her cases to trial.

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