The decision to place an elderly or disabled family member in a nursing home requires careful selection of the best facility. Conducting research and visiting several locations is necessary to find the right fit. Once a nursing home is selected, a bond of trust is established that the staff of that facility will maintain the highest standards of care.

In many cases, victims and their loved ones are not aware of the nursing regulations and laws that exist in the State of Georgia. That said, it is very important to understand one’s rights if they have a loved one currently residing in a nursing home in this state. If for instance, your dad is currently in a home, you need to understand your father’s rights pertaining to personal injury.

In Georgia nursing homes, it is mandatory to have professional staff. This must include at least a physician, a registered nurse, and a dentist. Every patient in the nursing home must have the opportunity to see the physician at least once a month. All nursing homes are also required to have competent and certified dieticians within their premises to ensure that all meals served are nutritious, with special food for all individuals with special health needs. This also applies to snacks.

Responsibilities of the Nursing Home Facility

Every nursing home is also required to provide professional social services. This is in order to assist patients to handle emotional, social and mental issues that they may be facing in their lives. Pharmaceutical services are also required to be provided in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

In Georgia, all nursing homes are legally required to be maintained inhospitable conditions. This means following proper sanitation guidelines, cleaning linen and clothes as well as making sure that the nursing home is devoid of debris. Unfortunately, an alarmingly high number of residents in nursing homes become sick every year due to germs and bacteria brought about by insufficient sanitizing and cleaning. All nursing homes are also required to have programs for proper infection control.

Moreover, social and recreational activities, as well as suitable companionship, must also be provided for all residents within the nursing home. Though it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they’ll take part, the option needs to be provided. Loved ones and family members should also be allowed visitation to see their relatives in the nursing home. However, the scheduling and times of visitation may vary across various homes.

Emotional and physical abuse is strictly forbidden. This can be described as pushing, scratching, hitting, neglect, belittling or any other activity directed towards a resident with malicious intent. At times, it may be difficult for one to ascertain abuse for minor incidents. This happens when a resident is ignored or is complaining of taunts or other actions that appear insignificant at first glance. Regardless of how trivial the issue may seem, however, one needs to look out for even the seemingly insignificant warning signs. In some cases, slight forms of abuse in a nursing home could build up into more serious problems if left unattended. For further clarification, one could consult a nursing home abuse attorney for assistance.

A Marietta Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Protecting the Rights of Abuse Victims

When abuse and neglect are discovered, immediate action is required to protect a loved one and hold the nursing home accountable. Since 1996, personal injury trial attorney Diana Whipkey Young of The Young Law Firm has provided aggressive and compassionate representation when negligence resulted in serious injuries or wrongful death.

Fact-finding is paramount in showing a connection between the injuries suffered by a nursing home resident and the actions or inactions of facility staff. Serious and deadly injuries can take the form of bed sores, malnutrition, and dehydration. In building strong cases and seeking justice for her clients, personal injury attorney Diana Whipkey Young and the staff of the Young Law Firm conduct in-depth investigations while family members deal with the personal issues and fallout involving their loved one.

Ms. Young’s goal is to maximize compensation and secure justice on their behalf, even if that involves a trial.

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