The physics of a car striking a pedestrian is simple and tragic. Inattentive motorists more interested in checking their texts than paying attention to the road create unseen hazards. If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian accident, do not speak to insurance adjusters. Take immediate action and secure aggressive representation from a seasoned and skilled pedestrian accident attorney.

A Marietta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Pursuing Maximum Compensation

Whether you were walking in a crosswalk or walking from between two parked cars to get to your destination, drivers of cars and trucks have a responsibility to maintain complete awareness of their surroundings. Speeding limits reaction time as does drunk driving. Using a cell phone for calling or texting takes eyes off the road.

At The Young Law Firm, attorney Diana Whipkey Young dedicates all her firm’s resources to a pedestrian injury claim. From securing witness statements to working with accident re-constructionists, Ms. Young and her staff uncover all the facts involved, identify liability and how much accident victims are entitled to.

Her track record of trial experience and success often leads to settlements that maximize compensation. With experience that goes back to 1996, insurance companies are well aware of her willingness to litigate complex cases involving a pedestrian hit by a car.

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