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Have you experienced injury due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property? Recovery of compensation for medical bills, absence from work and any other accident-related losses may be possible. However, the strength of your case reduces, the longer you wait to commence legal action.

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If you sustained injuries on the property of someone else, it is within your right to hold them liable for any serious injuries.

The owner of the property implicitly acknowledges an agreement with you as a visitor or customer, once you enter their home, business, facility or any place considered to be their domain, that the property is in a safe condition. If any hazards exist, they should be removed or identified in an obvious way, to prevent accidents and the possibility of someone getting hurt. If the owner of the property does not adhere to this agreement, and he or she is negligent in the maintenance of the property which results in you having an accident which severely affects you, they can be held liable for any damages related to the accident.

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Do I Have A Valid Premises Liability Case?

Premises liability laws in Georgia hold owners of property to specific standards of care, which include satisfactory maintenance of the premises, contracted security and staff that are competent, proper lighting as well as other safety factors.

For the premises liability laws to be applicable, there are some circumstances which must be in place:

  • The defendant is the owner of the land or “premises”.
  • The plaintiff must have been invited or be a licensee.
  • Negligence by the defendant must have been the cause of the accident.
  • A requirement of the law of Georgia is that whether children belong on the owner’s premises or not, they must be kept safe.
  • Public sidewalks must also be maintained by property owners to the front of their premises. Any hazards which are potentially dangerous and can cause accidents to anyone passing by on a sidewalk or public street, must be removed.

What’s the Difference between Invitees, Licensees, and Trespassers?

Persons who are allowed on premises to transact business with the owner are invitees, and the highest level of care is due to them. An example of this is a shopper.

A licensee is invited on the premises for non-commercial reasons, so a friend or guest would be one such example.
Trespassers have some amount of rights, although they are owed the lowest level of care. They do not have to be warned of natural hazards such as prickly bushes, but if the property owner is aware of them trespassing, they must be informed of any man-made hazards that are dangerous.

What are the Common Conditions in Marietta Premises Liability Cases?

There are several conditions on which a premises liability claim case can be based.
Some of these common conditions include the following among others:

  • Slippery or wet conditions
  • Inadequate security measures
  • Toxic exposure
  • Stairways and elevators that are not sufficiently maintained
  • Dangerous animals
  • Several injuries can result from an accident, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, damage to internal organs, and illness among others.

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