Workers Compensation

Injured on the Job? An Experienced Attorney Can Help with Claims and Appeals

Were you injured while at work? Did you know you may be eligible for certain work-related benefits? The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the injury. A good workers compensation attorney in Marietta can help with the legal claims and appeals associated with your work injury.

Injured on the Job

Although no one plans for them, work injuries are very common. What you were doing at the time of your injury influences your ability to get benefits. Analyze the following tips and understand how to protect yourself and co-workers when work accidents occur. Make sure that a copy of these tips are on hand for future reference.

Report Work Injuries When They Happen

Even if they are minor, all work-related injuries should be reported immediately to a supervisor. Do not wait until later to report them. It is just a matter of filling out the employee portion of an “Employee’s Claim for Worker’s Compensation Benefits” form.

List the areas of your body that were injured. Complete the report, make a copy for yourself, and give it to your supervisor so that there are no delays. Ask your supervisor to complete the employer portion of the report and return a copy of it to you. According to law, your supervisor has 24 hours to complete this section and return a copy to you.

Tell your supervisor at once if you need medical attention. If you were previously required to complete a Personal Physician Pre-Designation form by your employer, make sure that you make an appointment with the designated physician immediately. If you never completed this form, ask your employer to send you to a doctor ASAP.

You must see a doctor within 24 hours of completing an Employee’s Claim for Worker’s Compensation Benefits form.

Tell the physician exactly how you were injured. Show him which parts of your body were injured.

Complete and Keep Track of all Work Injury Documentation

Go to all of your scheduled medical appointments. Also, make copies of all physician provided notes and slips. This includes documentation such as paperwork that excuses you from going back to work until a certain time.

Also, keep track of all paperwork that your employer or insurance company gives you about your work related accident. Make sure that you keep the following:

  • Time from work
  • Medical treatment dates
  • Total amount of mileage incurred while going back and forth to medical appointments
  • Receipts for medical prescriptions and costs paid out-of- pocket

Don’t forget to write down the details of your work injury. You might be able to file a civil claim as well as a workers’ compensation claim. Your attorney can use these details to determine if there is enough information to file a civil lawsuit.

The Legal Aspects Work Related Injuries

Never attempt to file a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim. There is no need to make this type of claim if there wasn’t a work-related accident. Make sure that you provide true statements when describing your work injury. Keep in mind that filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim in Georgia is a felony.

As soon as possible, hire a top personal injury attorney who specializes in filing workers’ compensation claims and appeals. Allow them to review the written details of your job accident.

Were You the Victim of a Job Related Injury? A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Fight on Your Behalf
  • Your medical treatment can be badly impacted by the utilization review process. It is imperative that you hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can ensure that you get the right medical attention.
  • Due to legislation and various timelines, it may be hard for you to get the right medical attention on your own. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for another year if you miss an important deadline.
  • One of the best workers’ compensation attorneys, Diana Whipkey Young can help you find a suitable Qualified Medical Examiner, which should greatly improve the status of your claim overall. Contact us today for your free consultation.