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When faced with a potentially life-altering situation, there is a certain comfort level obtained by securing the advice and guidance of an experienced, reputable attorney. Diana Whipkey Young, founding attorney of Marietta’s Young Law Firm and an expert Personal Injury and Divorce Lawyer, has provided compassionate, yet aggressive, representation to her clients for more than three decades.

Oftentimes, lawyers hastily agree to a settlement, regardless of whether or not it’s in the best interest of their client. Ms. Young’s noteworthy experience dictates that pursuing a trial verdict, rather than settling, is sometimes the most favorable option. Therefore, each case is thoroughly prepared for an optimal trial verdict.

Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney


When you retain The Young Law Firm, you will work directly with Diana Whipkey Young. You can be confident that your attorney is fully committed to helping you navigate through any legal hurdles, ensuring your best interests are thoroughly protected along the way.


You need to file it in the superior court of the county where your spouse resided. There are some exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, this is where it should be filed.
Divorces can be completed in as short as 31 days after the Defendant is served or take several years. The length of time to get a divorce can be lessened if both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, and this includes dividing up property, dividing up the debt, deciding the amount of child support,if any, and agreeing upon the custody and visitation terms.

It is advisable to retain an attorney, because the legal system is very complex. You could give up important rights or items if you don’t have an attorney to help and guide you. When you hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, you can rest easier knowing that you have someone who knows the law and will help you to get the best results in your case.

Only one party needs to convince the courts that the marriage is so broken that it cannot be repaired, and that there is no chance of reconciling with one another.

If any claims of adultery are made, they must be proven. If it is proven to be the cause of the separation, then adultery by the spouse is a bar to receiving alimony. Adultery can also have an impact on other issues.

Whether you will be awarded alimony depends on a variety of different factors, including the length of the marriage, the cause of the divorce, the employment circumstances of the parties, the health and age of the parties, the financial assets of the parties, and the Judge assigned to your case.

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How to Protect Yourself in Case of a Divorce

I am often contacted by potential clients who unexpectedly find themselves in a situation where they either need to file for divorce or their spouse has filed for divorce, but do not have any access to finances. To prevent this situation, it is important to try and always have access to financial assets. Everyone should try and have at least one bank account in his or her individual name only with funds to support yourself for a least one month and preferably for 6 months.

Also, everyone should try and have at least one credit card in his or her individual name which has room to be able to charge for such things as necessities and attorney’s fees. While a Court may award support, including attorney’s fees, depending on the court, it may take several months to get before a Judge for a hearing and to request an award for support.

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Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“I found this attorney to be very knowledgeable about what I needed for my estate planning. Every document was reviewed and explained in detail to make sure I understood. We had good communications and working with this attorney was a pleasure.”



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“I will gladly recommend Diana Young to anyone seeking to hire a trustworthy attorney, she has represented me on various occasions dealing with my legal issues. She has shown great confidence and effectiveness consistently in the courtroom.”



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“Diana was Awesome! She represented me in a divorce and estate planning and provided great advice. She is very professional and skilled and I know the saying is there are no winners in a divorce but in this case



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“Before I met Attorney Diana Whipkey Young I could write a horror story about practicing attorneys in Marietta, GA. who need to be disbarred. Attorney Diana Young, service excellence made me forget all about the bad experience.”



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