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The Aggressive Representation That Is Needed For High-Asset Divorce

Those who enjoy a higher income and wealthier lifestyle present challenges when a marriage comes to an end. Significant assets and business ownership interests are often at stake. Marietta divorce attorney Diana Whipkey Young has spent decades helping her high-income clients with these unique circumstances get favorable outcomes.

At Young Law Firm, LLC, our attorney gives every divorce client the personal attention and dedication they deserve. She will guide you through every step of your divorce and aggressively fight to protect your interests. Throughout the state of Georgia, including Cobb County, Paulding County, Bartow County and Cherokee County, clients come to us with unique issues and complex disputes that require the help of an experienced attorney. You can schedule your free, 30-minute consultation at our Marietta office by calling 770-615-7248.

Making Complex Asset Division As Simple As Possible

Above all, our lawyer’s job is to identify your objectives and investigate any income or assets that may be hidden by a self-employed spouse or a business owner. Our attorney will explore every aspect of her client’s finances and create a personalized strategy to get the assets her client desires. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young’s more than 35 years of experience allows her to deftly navigate the challenges of complex asset division and find solutions that work in her clients’ favor. Her knowledge also extends to the financial planning aspects of asset division.

We strive to protect the lifestyle you have achieved and may team with financial experts to find the actual value of the following:

  • Vacation homes
  • Second homes
  • Rental property
  • Family businesses
  • Investment accounts

An Experienced Lawyer Fighting For You In Emotional And Uncertain Times

Above all, moving on to the next chapter that starts a post-married life is our goal. Getting to that point requires a divorce attorney who will protect your rights, look out for your children’s best interests, and pursue the best outcome through mediation or trial litigation. She is a dedicated trial attorney who will not hesitate to take your case to the courtroom if that strategy aligns with your goals.

Talk To A Marietta High-Income Divorce Attorney

To summarize, for knowledgeable and experienced representation from a Cobb County asset division attorney, call our law firm at 770-615-7248 or contact us online to set up your 30-minute initial consultation.