A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

An Effective Family Lawyer For Abandoned Spouses

When a spouse abandons a partner, the entire family is thrown into disarray. The remaining spouse may be unsure of what legal options he or she has and how he or she can move forward with his or her life. According to Georgia law, one ground for divorce is the intentional desertion of the marriage for one year. At Young Law Firm, LLC, our attorney helps abandoned spouses file for divorce and protect their rights.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young uses her more than 40 years of experience to help people in Cobb County, Paulding County, Bartow County and Cherokee County with various divorce matters. She will aggressively push to move your divorce case forward so that you can move past this difficult time and on to a happier future. You can contact our Marietta office now and schedule your free, 30-minute initial consultation by calling 770-615-7248.

What Abandoned Spouses Can Do

There are 13 grounds for divorce in Georgia, including the desertion ground mentioned above. To qualify for this ground, the deserting spouse must be gone for at least one year. Additionally, to get divorced in Georgia, generally the filing party must be domiciled in the state for at least six consecutive months. If the other partner is no longer a resident of Georgia, the petition may be filed in Georgia under certain circumstances. Our knowledgeable abandoned spouse divorce attorney can help you determine if the case can proceed in Georgia.

The next step of the divorce is serving the petition and summons upon the other party. The abandoning spouse will have 30 days to respond after being served. Failure to respond within the specified period may result in a divorce being granted without any input from the spouse who failed to respond. If the court cannot locate the abandoning spouse, a judge, upon proper motion, may allow the divorce to proceed by publication. Publication means that the court would allow the abandoned spouse to publish divorce information a specified number of times in the newspaper. Such publication in the newspaper is considered a proper notice to the spouse who is missing. Before being allowed to proceed with a divorce by publication, the spouse seeking the divorce must perform a diligent search to locate the missing spouse. The investigation must include contacting known friends and family of the absent partner.

An Abandoned Spouse Lawyer Who Can Handle Every Issue

Divorce by publication does not grant the abandoned spouse the ability to receive owed money, such as child support or alimony. You may be able to address this unique problem by talking to our experienced and knowledgeable abandoned spouse divorce attorney. She will aggressively pursue your ex-spouse and help you get everything you are due.

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Waiting longer than one year is often not in the best interest of the abandoned spouse. You can schedule your free, 30-minute consultation now by calling our Marietta office now at 770-615-7248. We are also available by email.