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Coping with a Divorce? Marietta Family Law Attorney Diana Young is Here to Help

We’d all like to believe that marriage is forever, and that divorce is simply not a situation we’ll ever have to face. Unfortunately, some marriages cannot withstand the test of time, and divorce is the best solution for all parties involved. Once you definitively reach this impactful decision, you’ll need the guidance, advice and support of an experienced Marietta divorce attorney. Diana Whipkey Young of The Young Law Firm is an attorney you can trust to represent you during this difficult time in your life. Throughout all phases of your divorce, Diana Whipkey Young will remain by your side. She is a divorce attorney who fights passionately and tirelessly to ensure that you, her client, will obtain the most optimal and fair results when all is said and done. You can be confident knowing that The Young Law Firm will always act with your best interest in mind. We realize that divorce proceedings can be unpleasant and stressful. Having the representation of Marietta Divorce Attorney Diana Whipkey Young will make a difficult situation more bearable. She will not back down until you receive all that you’re entitled to.

Our approach to family law cases at The Young Law Firm is individualized, recognizing the unique issues and goals of our clients. During highly emotional times, we help clients not only make key decisions, but also understand the impact of those decisions.

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Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Protecting the rights of fathers and mothers while focusing on the best interests of their children remains our focus throughout the entire divorce process. Whether your marital dissolution is contested or not, legal help is necessary to prevent problems in the future. Informal agreements between cooperative spouses can be undone should matters become contentious in the future.

As you look toward the next chapter of your life, you need an aggressive, yet compassionate attorney at your side. Mediation is the preferred route to resolution. However, with The Young Law Firm, you have a trial lawyer willing to go to court, and this can provide you with the best outcome in resolving family law issues.

Sympathetic To What You’re Enduring. Aggressive in Protecting Your Rights.

Unfortunately, even the most amicable of divorces makes for an unpleasant, mentally-draining ordeal. Whether you’re the one filing for divorce, or the one being presented with divorce papers, you’re often left wondering what will become of your life. When experiencing such an impactful circumstance, you undoubtedly would feel more secure with legal representation backed by years of experience.

Marietta divorce attorney Diana Whipkey Young has been providing strong counsel and knowledgeable guidance to individuals like you for over 30 years. Ms. Young will passionately and aggressively pursue the fullest potential of your entitlements, but not prior to confirming you’re comfortable with her plan of action. As a client of The Young Law Firm, you can be confident that your attorney is not one to back down, or be intimidated by the scare tactics sometimes employed by the opposing lawyer. Ms. Young has proven to be an effective negotiator who applies a results-driven approach to secure the desired outcome.

High-Income and Complex Divorce Representation

At The Young Law Firm, we represent Georgia residents from all walks of life, including those who enjoy a wealthier lifestyle. High-income divorces can become legally complex and contentious when significant assets are at stake. Second homes, vacation property, and income from rental property and family businesses need protection, as does the lifestyle enjoyed by a divorcing spouse.

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Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“I found this attorney to be very knowledgeable about what I needed for my estate planning. Every document was reviewed and explained in detail to make sure I understood. We had good communications and working with this attorney was a pleasure.”



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“I will gladly recommend Diana Young to anyone seeking to hire a trustworthy attorney, she has represented me on various occasions dealing with my legal issues. She has shown great confidence and effectiveness consistently in the courtroom.”



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“Diana was Awesome! She represented me in a divorce and estate planning and provided great advice. She is very professional and skilled and I know the saying is there are no winners in a divorce but in this case



Marietta GA Divorce and Family Law Attorney

“Before I met Attorney Diana Whipkey Young I could write a horror story about practicing attorneys in Marietta, GA. who need to be disbarred. Attorney Diana Young, service excellence made me forget all about the bad experience.”



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