A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

Marietta Family Law Attorney

Unfortunately, even the most amicable of family law cases can make for an unpleasant, mentally draining ordeal. Whether you are filing for divorce or presented with a support order, you are often left wondering what will become of your life. When experiencing such an impactful event, you undoubtedly would feel more secure with legal representation backed by years of experience. If you are facing any family law issue, the knowledgeable lawyer at Young Law Firm, LLC can help.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young has more than 40 years of Georgia legal experience. You can trust her to represent you during this difficult time and rest easy with the knowledge that she will fight for you. Our approach to family law cases at Young Law Firm, LLC is individualized, recognizing our clients’ unique issues and goals. During emotional times, we help clients make critical decisions and understand the impact of those decisions. You can learn more in a free, 30-minute consultation by calling our Marietta office at 770-615-7248.

Our family law and divorce attorney represents clients in a variety of cases, including those involving:

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Protecting fathers’ and mothers’ rights while focusing on their children’s best interests remains our focus throughout the entire divorce process. Whether your marital dissolution is contested or not, legal help is necessary to prevent future problems. Informal agreements between cooperative spouses can be undone should matters become contentious in the future. Diana Whipkey Young will do everything in her power to help you. We realize that divorce proceedings can be unpleasant and stressful. Having the representation of family law attorney Diana Whipkey Young will make a difficult situation more bearable. She will not back down until you receive everything you deserve.

While some clients prefer mediation in their cases, it is in your best interests to prepare for trial. With Young Law Firm, LLC, you have a trial lawyer who is willing to go to court. Having this preparation ready can provide you with the best outcome when negotiating or mediating family law issues.

A Marietta Family Lawyer Who Is Sympathetic To Your Plight

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young works closely with every client to understand the issues at play in their case and to ensure that they are comfortable with her plan of action. As a client of Young Law Firm, LLC, you can be confident that our attorney will pursue your desired results with a results-driven approach and focus on protecting your rights. She is not one to back down or be intimidated by the scare tactics sometimes employed by the opposing lawyer.

Talk To A Georgia Family Law Attorney Now

To receive solid and experienced representation from a skilled Marietta family law please, contact our Marietta office. You can call us now at 770-615-7248. You may also contact us online to set up your free, 30-minute initial consultation. Our firm serves clients in Cobb County, Paulding County, Bartow County and Cherokee County.