A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

Knowledgeable Guidance For Georgia Alimony Cases

Divorce is a significant, life-changing event. When one household becomes two, money matters become a sticking point in the process of finding a resolution. A spouse who chose to forego a career to focus on family matters may need financial help in the form of alimony, also called spousal support. No matter what side of an alimony case you are on, you need knowledgeable help. The attorney at Young Law Firm, LLC, has more than 40 years of experience, and she can help you get the best possible outcome.

Attorney Diana Whipkey Young has spent her legal career representing divorcing people and protecting their finances and future. People come to Young Law Firm, LLC fearful of an uncertain future, but they leave with a calm that can only be obtained by trusting your attorney. You can learn more by calling our Marietta office at 770-615-7248.

Understanding Alimony

To establish a valid claim for permanent alimony, the spouse must allege and prove that the parties are legally married and now separated. Often, the alimony claim is part of a pending divorce or separate maintenance action.

Long-term, permanent spousal support is rare as judges want ex-spouses to become self-sufficient. Short-term, rehabilitative alimony is more common. It allows for a transition to pursue an education or career while maintaining financial security. While strict formulas dictate child support amounts, spousal support does not enjoy those set calculations. Alimony is generally decided at the discretion of the judge who is overseeing your divorce.

Because the judge has so much freedom to decide alimony amounts, it is critical that you have a skilled lawyer who will protect your rights and assertively present your case. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young will investigate every detail of your divorce and finances. Based on this thorough inspection, she will create a personalized strategy for your case.

An Alimony Attorney Who Pursues The Best Outcomes

At Young Law Firm, LLC, we have earned a reputation for aggressiveness and effectiveness in the courtroom. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young focuses on the best outcome when future financial stability is at stake. Our Marietta office represents both payers and receivers of spousal support in Cobb County, Paulding County, Bartow County and Cherokee County.

Complex divorce disputes involving money can quickly end cooperation in an uncontested divorce. When the courtroom is the only option to find a resolution, you need an experienced divorce lawyer skilled at litigating cases on behalf of her clients. She possesses a track record of aggressiveness and effectiveness in the courtroom.

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