A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

A Passionate And Results-Driven Marietta Family And Divorce Lawyer

Experienced Help For Legitimation

Georgia law states that a paternity action is a legal action to establish that a man is the child’s biological father. Even if the father is named on the child’s birth certificate, the legitimation process is required by law if the parents are unmarried. Unfortunately, this process can be complicated without the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

You can learn more about how Young Law Firm, LLC, can help you establish paternity, legitimation and child custody by contacting attorney Diana Whipkey Young. She has more than 40 years of legal experience and a long history of favorable results in parental rights cases. You can call us now at 770-615-7248 to set up your free, 30-minute consultation.

Understanding Parental Rights

In most cases, it is undoubtedly in the child’s interests to maintain a healthy and close relationship with both parents. Attorney Diana Whipkey Young helps parents establish a strong custody order so that they can nurture their relationship with their son or daughter. By establishing legitimation, parents may also request all the rights and responsibilities, including:

An unmarried father can take advantage of the legitimation process to enjoy the same visitation and custody rights concerning their child as a divorced father would enjoy. The child also has the legal right to enjoy a positive, healthy and legal relationship with their father.

Contact A Caring Georgia Legitimation Attorney

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