Every divorce is as unique as the individuals involved. Couples facing divorce have a wide range of goals. The divorce process attempts to fix all of the different problems with the same tool. It is the responsibility of your divorce lawyer to ensure that your individual goals are met.

For one to file for divorce in the State of Georgia, they need to have resided in the state for at least 6 months before filing for the action.

In this state, all calls for divorce are required to be brought in the county of residence of the defendant if they’re a resident of the state. If the defendant isn’t a resident of Georgia, the action must then be brought in the county of residence of the plaintiff.

Typically, the county of residence of the defendant will be the one in which they have resided for at least six months before filing for the action. However, Georgia law provides that a divorce case can be tried in the county where the plaintiff resides if the defendant has moved away from the same county within 6 months from the date of filing for the divorce action. This applies if this was the same county of martial domicile at the time when the parties separated.

Is there a legally mandated waiting period in Atlanta before a court can grant a divorce? And how long will the divorce take?

There’s no waiting period for divorce under family law in Georgia. However, the general rules of civil litigation pertaining to the entry of a judgment also apply to divorce as well as other domestic cases in the State of Georgia. An divorce lawyer could provide further guidance on this.

In Georgia, every civil case, including matters pertaining to divorce, can be tried any time after the last day on which defensive pleadings needed to be filed. The final decree of the divorce can be granted any time after thirty days from the date when the defendant was served with the papers.

If one is filing an uncontested divorce (where all issues have been agreed upon by both parties), the Georgia Uniform Superior Court Rules state that the court can grant the divorce commencing at 31 days after the defendant was served.

Several factors will determine trial period for contested divorces. Nevertheless, an agreement can be reached quickly if only a few issues are contested. Two months after filing, divorce can be granted.

For highly contested cases, the divorce proceedings could take anywhere between a few months and several years.

Choosing a skilled divorce attorney is your first step toward taking charge of your divorce and the rest of your life. Above all, the Young Law Firm, in Marietta, Georgia, brings decades of experience helping Cobb County families move on to fruitful post-marriage lives. Contact a Marietta divorce lawyer to learn about your specific divorce legal options.

Moving on From Divorce With Effective Guidance

We can help you understand the decisions that you need to make. In addition to how those decisions will affect your life and the lives of your children after a divorce. Critical issues such as the following will be decided during your divorce:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Fathers’ rights
  • Property division
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Domestic violence issues

Making these decisions in an informed, thoughtful way can be difficult without the proper guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer. We will help you address any divorce-related matter keeping your unique needs, goals, and financial objectives in mind.

Properly Dividing Valuable Assets in Divorce

Many couples and families have a number of assets that require special consideration. When the time comes for the property division element of their divorce.

Does your divorce involve:

  • Vacation homes?
  • Second homes?
  • Rental property?
  • Family business?
  • Pre-marital assets?
  • Other assets?

Correct determination of what is marital vs. non-marital property. As well as, the correct determination of property values can be critical in determining what is an equitable division of property in your divorce. Let our skill in negotiating property division agreements help you achieve your goals.

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