Determining and dividing marital property can be complex legally for an attorney and emotionally for divorcing spouses. Important decisions must be made. The short and long-term impact of those decisions must be taken into account. Since 1996, The Young Law Firm has earned a reputation for dedication and aggressive representation.

Diana Whipkey Young is a trial attorney. She is not only willing to litigate divorce and related cases, but she also possesses skills in the courtroom. 401(k) accounts and retirement assets may be at stake. Lifestyles enjoyed while married are at risk of ending. Regardless of the value of marital assets, you need an experienced attorney willing to explore all options for the best resolution.


The Court in a divorce case must first determine what real and personal property is “marital” property. Only “marital” property is subject to the equitable division of property, although non-marital property may be considered on other bases, such as in determining alimony.

The property which one party has inherited or received from third parties remains that party’s separate party as long as that party does not take actions which change its character into being marital. Property acquired during the marriage by the efforts of either party will generally be considered “marital” property. “Marital” property is subject to being divided “equitably” in a divorce proceeding. Equitable means what is fair. There are numerous factors which the Court may consider in determining what is fair.

Fighting to Secure Your Future

Complex property division requires the skills of an attorney coupled with the expertise of financial professionals. In-depth investigation and analysis helps us get to the facts in the valuation and the subsequent division of real estate and other property. Hidden assets must be located. Business revenue streams “off the books” must be identified.

You are entitled to enjoy a similar lifestyle after your marriage has ended. While spousal support helps to maintain a way of life, ownership of valuable assets can make what seems like an uncertain future more secure.

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