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Why should you avoid social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Divorce |

Couples divorcing in Georgia may have a difficult time if their split is contentious. Posting on social media is something that’s an immediate response for many people, but this is a mistake. It’s best to avoid social media during a divorce, but if a person still uses it, they should be smart.

Why should you avoid social media?

While your divorce is ongoing, you should avoid social media because your posts can be seen by the wrong people. If you are still connected on social media websites with friends of your spouse or members of their family, those people can see what you post and report back to them even if they can’t view it themselves.

Depending on the nature of your photos, they can be used against you in your divorce. For example, if you’ve claimed that you don’t have much money for child support but you post a photo of the brand new car you just purchased, it can hurt you in the divorce judgment and settlement.

Anything you post on social media can legally be accessed during your divorce. Your spouse’s divorce attorney can use certain things you post against you in the case.

How can you be smart on social media during your divorce?

If you insist on continuing to use social media while your divorce is ongoing, it’s important to use common sense. One way to be smart and safe is to avoid posting anything negative about your spouse. You might not want to even mention that you’re going through a divorce. Only post positive things and innocent photos.

You should change your settings on your social media pages so that everything is set to private. It can prevent anyone who isn’t already connected with you from seeing your page or any content you post. You may also want to remove your relationship status from your social media altogether. Instead of “Married,” don’t switch it to “Divorce” or “It’s complicated,” but remove it so that your relationship status is now left blank.

Divorce and social media don’t mix. Be smart and safe if you continue using it during the proceedings.